Better Kashrus

Our goal is to bring you better kosher food products. The Lantev team expends time and effort to bring you new and innovative products that keep to our rigorous guidelines. Our high standards of kashrus and quality ensure that with Lantev, you’re getting the best.


Shot in the dark is not our style. All the items we produce and distribute are thoroughly researched. Every shipment that we deliver is individually monitored. Our well-oiled system ensures that your needs are met by every single order and product.


It’s all about the service. Lantev customers know to rely on our efficient service. From ordering to shipment and distribution, our system is seamless and easy. Our skilled team is always on standby to help you if any issues arise. Above and beyond - that’s our aim.

Quality Rules

Lantev places an intense focus on top-level quality for every single product. From cereals to vitamins, teas to crackers, we’re committed to bringing you the best. We rigorously taste and test our products to bring you superior kosher food products with the highest in kashrus and quality standards.

Lantev is the #1 kosher food distributor in the US.